Friday, January 26, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007

ham/cheese/mustard/mayo sandwich
5 cups of coffee
16 oz. can of beer (brown bagged)
2 pints plus lager glass of lager
3 cups of coffee
2 pints of lager
slice of cheese pizza
3 pints of lager
lg coffee
slightly more than a pack of cigarettes

Man and Beast

The front page of today's (Jan. 26) free daily spotlights the homeless, and because of frigid temperatures, homeless advocates have been working overtime trying to get them off the streets and into shelters. A Code Blue warning has been issued meaning if a homeless person refuses to go into a shelter, the police can and will be called at the discretion of the homeless advocates. serious and deadly stuff. Code Blue warnings are issued by the city when windchills drop below 20 degrees. This past Fri. and Sat. Code Blues were also issued though it didn't make the front page.

Its been really good hunting for the three or four red-shouldered hawks (wingspan guesstimate - 2 1/2 ft) I see around the parks. In the past week I've seen two of them snagging and eating well-fed, fat city pigeons. The pigeons are moving slower and looking/working harder for their food because of the cold and sometimes just standing still on the grass trying to avoid the wind. Also, noticed a new hawk in the area. It was a red-tailed hawk (slightly smaller than the other type of hawks) and it was also eating/enjoying a pigeon.

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