Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007

lg coffee
sausage/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich
3-4 cups of coffee
slice of pizza
pint of beer
2 bottles of lager
two tacos
pint of lager
two tacos
2 pints of lager
seafood soup, quiche, and salad
cup of coffee
chicken noodle soup
2 sm coffees
pack of cigarettes

healthy plants:

when watering a direct-potted house plant, only pour enough water, starting at where the plant is rooted and slowly water in a circular fashion, wetting all of the topsoil until the water starts to seep out and accumulate in the dish the bowl is resting in. Stop watering and wait till no more water seeps into the dish. then fill the dish with water. using this method, will only have to water once every week or every two weeks. when deciding when to water again, pinch some soil (digging down an inch or so and retrieving a small amount). squeeze between fore-finger and thumb. if no moisture appears in the soil in your hand, water. if there is moisture, give the plant a water break. most plants die from *over-watering* not under-watering.

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