Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007

lg coffee
granola bar
1/2 bagel with cream cheese
2 sm glasses of water
3 cups of coffee
2 pints of lager
4 tacos
3 bottles of lager
pack of cigarettes

Dead Boys and Heavy Seats

I had just gotten home from a funeral,
one that I was notified of at the last minute
inconveniently. All selfishness aside, it was
for a dear friend's two sons, a drowning
accident I was told. The classic, one trying
to save the other and both die,
tragic situation. The two coffins were
side by side and the priest spoke
twice as long than the last
burial I attended.

Upon returning home, my wife asked me
if she could pour me a cup of soup. She
asked if everything was alright, and how
the funeral was. "Yeah, thanks, sure, I'll
have a little soup, I guess," I said. She
didn't take her eyes off me while I took my
coat off, put my keys on the table,
and breathed out that glad to be home
and unwind breath.

She started in about her awful morning
at work, and the stress caused by the
senseless and dull personal problems
of both co-workers and clients.
I couldn't help interrupting her.
"You know I hate cooked broccoli,
even in soup, you
know this. Why would you offer me
soup with that shit in it, when you know
that I hate it?"

I thought of the boys in their coffins
and the young deaths
upon which they were handed.
My wife apologized and started picking
the broccoli out of the near boiling soup
with her skinny fingers. I watched her struggle
for a few seconds and then
I pulled the bowl away from her reach.
I looked straight in her eyes
and said, "I'm sorry honey.
I didn't mean to take anything out on
you. It's been a long crazy day . Tell me about
your morning, and here's the new battery
for your watch, here, sit down."

Nathaniel Brennan (2006-07)

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