Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

sm coffee
bagel with cream cheese
6-7 cups of coffee
3 sm cups of water
2 bottles of lager
egg/ham on glazed roll (Chinatown bakery)
sm bottle of apple juice (10 fl.oz.)
pack of cigarettes

note: last night went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Dan Flavin sculpture installation was only partially visible from the outside. could see only two- three sculptures though, and even those pieces were slightly obscured by the grey/black gauze/drapes. Don't know whether the Museum of Art is on some kind of schedule re: these pieces or whether I was just lucky to see them that night. Also, was a full moon the night they were visible so it may be some kind of lunar calender thing. then again, maybe not.

more miscellany:

Hello Allan Smithee,

Your chat transcript with a librarian at FREE LIBR OF

Date: 18:27 2007/03/05
Question ID: (number deleted)

Chat Transcript: I am at a terminal at the Philadelphia
Public Library.

Question: Why is the library using Internet Explorer vs
Firefox, a much better, and free, internet browser?

[Librarian 18:27:27]: Librarian 'FreeLibPhiladelphia
Andrea' has joined the session.
[Librarian 18:28:38]: Hello my name is Andrea. I'm at
the Free Library of Philadelphia. I'll be helping you
[Librarian 18:29:08]: I am sorry I can not answer that
? for you. Our information technology department makes
those decisions
[Librarian 18:30:21]: You can provide comments on the
free library's home page
[Allan Smithee 18:30:26]: Could you give me an e-mail
address for one of the computer technicians? Then I
could suggest firefox.
[Librarian 18:30:31]: Is there anything else I can help
you with?
[Allan Smithee 18:30:51]: No ma'am.
[Librarian 18:30:54]: here is the web link for comments
[Librarian 18:30:55]:
(link deleted)
[Allan Smithee 18:31:09]: Thank you.
[Librarian 18:31:17]: Thank you for using Ask Here PA. It
has been a pleasure assisting you and I hope you will use
Ask Here PA again.
[Allan Smithee 18:32:12]: Patron ended chat session.

To review your previous transcripts or questions, logon to:
(address deleted)

*editor's note*: general FYI (and also a thankyou
if you read this blog)...

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perhaps later today or tomorrow

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