Monday, March 12, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Sunday, March 11, 2007

2 sm cartons of chocolate milk (1/2 pint each)
4 biscuits
2 sm cartons of chocolate milk (1/2 pint each)
1 Trail Mix Bar - Fruit & Nut (nt.wt. 1.2 oz)
2 sm cartons of chocolate milk (1/2 pint each)
3 slices of peperoni pizza
1 hot dog (spicey)
2 sm cartons of chocolate milk (1/2 pint each)
bottle of water (16 fl.oz.)
1/4 pack of cigarettes

The Truest Line

First it started out at the deli, with the owner's
fake fingernails. She was always pressing her pink press-ons
down on the scale while weighing the meats, cheeses,
and fish, if it was in season. "I've been doing this for years,"
she boasted to those who had past the six month stretch
of employment. She tried to explain to the counter workers
how to do this subtly for the sake of the establishment.
She always said that the extra thirty cents adds up.
"Just press down on the scale lightly while your weighing
the goods," she would say.
I was new to this job, two weeks in, and she seemed crooked.
Not cross-eyed, just crooked, and the cashier told me this.

She insisted I take my lunch break with her one afternoon.
I accepted and just sat there eating while she
went on and on about something. But then she started
whispering to me, I felt important or competent as an employee.
She started talking about food and it's endless beauty. I knew she
would, and I liked that. I put my spoon down and leaned back
I was totally prepared to listen to whatever my boss was
about to say. And she said, " eight years ago at the local
salomon ski, benefit for hunger race, I nailed it baby!
I had a back pack full of strawberry doughnuts, not powdered,
they had real sugar on them. I stuck each one on the pole
that I was passing, it was like playing horseshoes on skis.
I miss those days." I said "that's great," and went back to work.

Nathaniel Brennan (2007)

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