Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Monday, March 19, 2007

lg coffee
sm cup of water
med serving of spaghetti (tomato/meat sauce)
piece of french bread
sm sweet/fruit bread
loaf of italian bread (net wt. 16 oz.)
1/2-3/4 pack of cigarettes

lately, high schools in Philadelphia have been on the front page of the newspapers due to violence. yesterday's Daily News front page article was about the Youth Study Center ("juvie hall") and the potential for further violence. not to downplay the urgency of the article's angle but also couldn't help but think the written piece was another subtle salvo from the politicos/media who are *pro* Barnes Foundation move to Philly. Youth Study Center is the site where they intend to house the Barnes' art collection. Slowly but surely, it seems, the machinations are trying to spin the populace to their point of view, which is, GRAVE ROBBING IS OK AND LEGAL!

Personally I have a different ethical view regarding this very soulless act. Time to start looking for an attorney and camera person.

other news: tonight around 8 pm (eastern time) is the vernal equinox and the "official" beginning of Spring.


Leeatvfcc said...

Hey the group and I will not be able to come by today because of the shooting in the subway, also because everyone is so busy with Mid Term exams, sorry. On another note it would be great to be able to bring a camera and film you and all the people on my route, and give you a chance to speak your opinion about things. I could ask Leadership, but the attorney part I can’t help with. LOL

gpdimonderose said...
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Allan Smithee said...

editor's note: previous comment was deleted because it was "spam". opinions, whether in agreement or not, are welcome.