Friday, October 5, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Thursday, October 4, 2007

1 bacon/egg/cheese on bagel (breakfast) sandwich (McDonalds)
1 hash brown bar (McDonalds)
2 sm coffees (light/sweet)
1 toasted plain bagel (cream cheese/tomato/onion)
pint of lager
lg glass of fountain coke
2 pints of lager (diff. location)
sm cup of Irish potato soup
2 pkgs of saltine crackers (2 per pkg)
sm ramekin of cole-slaw
1/2 pickle (sliced lengthwise)
pint of lager (same location)
2 pints of lager (diff. location)
2 pints of lager (diff. location) (*)
2 pints of lager (diff. location)
sm coffee (light/sweet)
1 jelly filled donut
1 chocolate covered glazed donut
slightly more than a pack of cigarettes

(*) additional pint of lager


Online Action Center
Send Urgent UN mission to Myanmar (Burma)

"Ask President Bush to urge the UN Security Council members, especially the Permanent members like China, to immediately deploy a UN Security Council mission to Myanmar (Burma). This mission should act to resolve the human rights crisis and avert the risk of further violence and bloodshed. The Council should also consider the possibility of imposing an arms embargo and to address the dire human rights situation in Myanmar. The peaceful mass demonstrations taking place compare in scale to those in 1988, when security forces broke up massive pro-democracy demonstrations with deadly violence, killing thousands."

Myanmar update:

Suu Kyi considers offer to meet Myanmar top general

Radiohead Fans, Guided by Conscience (and Budget)

"At a Manhattan indie record label, one employee decided to pay 14 cents..."

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