Monday, October 8, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Sunday, October 7, 2007

lg light/sweet coffee (24 fl. oz.)
2 hash brown bars (total net wt. 5 oz.)
1 porkroll/egg/cheese on plain bagel
2 pints of lager
med plastic cup of fountain coke
2 bags of "extra thin" pretzels (total net wt. 3 oz.)
1 bag of "cheddar & sour cream" potato chips (net wt. 1 oz.)
1 bag of "baked cheese curls" (net wt. 1 oz.)
4 sm (boiled) golden potatoes (with ketchup)
slightly less than a pack of cigarettes

Saturday, October 6, 2007

sm light coffee (12 fl. oz.)
med pecan coffee (light/sweet)
slice of cheese pizza
2 (breakfast) sausage dogs (mustard)
2 pints of lager
1 "jumbo bbq beef steak" (beef jerky) net wt. 2 oz.
1 apple
pack of cigarettes

Open Invite:

Dear friend,

Some important news from the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. You are receiving this message as a Philadelphia artist or curator. Please do unsubscribe if you would prefer not to receive messages of this sort - Your name will not be removed from the gallery announcement list. Please pass this message along as you see fit.

* * * * * * FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE * * * * * *


2007 marks the fifth anniversary of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery's annual Winter invitational of young Philadelphia artists. Curators Claire Iltis, William Pym and Heather Shoemaker seek submissions for this year's installment. The show will open December 14th and run through January 2008.

The young art and gallery landscape has transformed itself many times in the last 5 years, but the F/O Winter Invitational remains an original and a constant: professional, broadly seen and discussed, unbiased, unfazed by hype, gossip or fashion.

Former participants have gone on to show at White Columns, Andrea Rosen Gallery, Scope Miami, Art 36 Basel, the Frieze Art Fair, Moore College of Art, Bellwether Gallery, NADA Art Fair, Harvard University Art Galleries, ICA Philadelphia, and the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. This is a proven opportunity for young un- and under-represented artists to dramatically raise their profile in the city and international art world at large.

Artists interested in submission must meet the following criteria:

* Must currently reside in the Greater Philadelphia area.
* No official commercial gallery representation in the Greater Philadelphia area.
* All submitted work must have been made in the last 18 months.
* While anyone is encouraged to submit, be advised that the focus of this exhibition is on young, emerging artists.
* Currently enrolled students are ineligible.
* Work must be submitted in the form of 8-10 slides or digital images. Absolutely no physical work will be accepted at the gallery; no studio visits will be made in the first round of selection. Websites will not be accepted; if the piece is a website, submit it on a CD.
* No restrictions on media, scale or subject matter.
* Resume or curriculum vitae required, artist statement not required.
* Only submissions accompanied by an SASE will be returned.

NB - If you have submitted to the exhibition before, you are more than welcome to submit again. Rejection in previous years does not have any bearing on this year's jury.

All work must be submitted by mail or in person by 5pm, Monday, November 5th.

The Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is located at:
1616 Walnut Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel: (215) 545-7562



related... daily nourishment to support creative growth:

Just Trust

When we start to worry and we think we just must,
There is another choice we can make.
We can learn to JUST TRUST.

When we hang on to our fears and deny our tears,
We can try letting go and look for courage within

When we feel weary and try to control,
There is a motto we might extol:

If we've made a connection to a Higher Power,
There's no need to feel worried or fussed
(unless we want to).
The healthier choice is ours to make.
We can make a decision to JUST TRUST.

The Artist's Soul by Linda Coons
pg. 392 - October 8th entry
published by Penguin Putnam Inc.
copyright 2000 by Linda Coons

Bonus Round... Just Cause It's A Good Tune

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