Thursday, December 20, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

lg coffee (cream)
1 hash brown bar (net wt 2.5 oz.)
1 raspberry/cheese danish
1 "everything" bagel (plain)
2 double cheeseburgers (McDonalds)
sm amount of Pomegranate Pear nectar
bottle of orange soda (20 fl. oz.)
can of coke (12 fl. oz.)
order of sesame chicken/pork fried rice combo
sm amount of broccoli
1 eggroll (orange sauce)
1 chinese fortune cookie (*)
bottle of water (16 fl. oz.)
1/4-1/2 pack of cigarettes

(*) You will inherit some money or a small piece of land
Daily Numbers 1 3 5
Lotto Six #'s 32 7 46 42 38 2

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 cups of coffee (cream)
2 eggs over-easy (salt/pepper/tabasco sauce)
2 breakfast sausage links
med serving of "home fries" (ketchup)
2 slices of toasted white bread (butter)
lg coffee (light/sweet)
1 pkg of M&M's milk chocolate (net wt. 1.69 oz.)
2 bean burritos with sm amount of hot sauce (Taco Bell)
1 meat/hard corn shell taco (lettuce/tomato/cheese) Taco Bell
2 bottle of lager (12 fl. oz. each)
pint of beer (diff. location)
2 pints of lager (diff. location)
1 bag of "cheez-it" baked snack crackers (net wt. 1.5 oz.)
2 bottles of lager (**) diff. location
pack of cigarettes

(**) plus additional bottles of lager

Happy Hour Barkeep at the Khyber: Do you remember the last time you were here?

Automotive Acne: Um, think it was about a month or two ago.

H.H.Barkeep: No. It was about two weeks ago.

A.A.: Oh..., Um was I thrown out?

H.H.Barkeep: Yeah, you lit up a cigarette at the bar and when [name withheld] told you no smoking you stood up and raised [barkeep gets into fighting/boxer position with fist raised]

A.A.: Huh, oh yeah, that was that night. I had to call Grace Tavern and apologize to the bartender the next day. [Pretending to be on the phone] Was I there last night? Oh sorry. Think I had too much to drink. Was I embarrissing? [now talking to H.H.Barkeep] Yeah, sorry. I'm sure I was just joking that night.

H.H. Barkeep: It's ok. That's what I thought. You're not a troublemaker.

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