Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

1 cheese danish pastry
1 Capri-Sun tropical punch drink pouch (6.75 fl. oz.)
1 chocolate chunk chewy granola bar (net wt. 1 oz.)
6 peanut butter/cheese crackers (total net wt. 1 3/8 oz.)
1 can of coke (12 fl. oz.)
7-9 "peanut butter smidgens" milk chocolates
1 apple
1 peppermint candy cane
1 baked strawberry crispbar (net wt. 1.30 oz.)
1 sm chocolate covered marshmallow "snowman treat"
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
1/4 pack of cigarettes

Monday, December 24, 2007

2-3 med coffees (light/sweet)
5 Ghirardelli dark chocolates (net wt .375 oz. each)
can of diet orange soda (12 fl. oz.)
2 "philly soft pretzels" (one with mustard)
1 apple
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
1/4-1/2 pack of cigarettes

Transcribed Excerpt From Found Notebook (Part III)

V Three red (Adj.) robins (N) quickly (Adv.)
built a ( Adj) large (Adj.) nest. <-N

Adjectives -> How many?
-> What color?

-> How did they build?

My (pron) old black (Adj) car (N) stopped Ad (V)
suddenly. (Adv)

(separate page)


contrast - means differents <- how things are

compare - means how things
are the same

city Hall - for government of the city.

pensions for teachers
in Liberty Place.
and stores!

(separate page)

the (erased) is expensive
skip lines

Since I heard of the Lock Ness
monster I believe a few dinosaurs
are still living in the water

it is a scary sight to see.

But it is an exciting monster
for tourists to see.

unrelated update:

Judge saves buildings for now

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