Saturday, January 27, 2007

Food Stuff Comsumption And Miscellany

Friday, Jan. 26, 2007

lg coffee
hash brown
3 cups of coffee
kaiser roll with butter
bottle of orange/mango juice (17.5 fl.oz.)
pint of lager
pretzel with mustard
hotdog with mustard, raw onions
2 pints of lager
glass of fountain coke
two hard-boiled eggs with salt/pepper
lg coffee
two cheesburgers & med. fries (mickey d's)
salami/cheese hoagie
bottle of water (16.9 fl.oz.)
4/5 pack of cigarettes

new and improved

fyi: Book Corner (20th/Wood) is the new home of Chris' Corner, which means an expanded and very good children's and young adults section. Book Corner is a non-profit that works in tandem with the Free Library of Philadelphia.

visit an old school type old-man bar before it closes on Feb. 3:

Penn View Grill located on 13th/Race. Even has a large banner outside boldy stating "Cocktail Lounge". Will close cause the Convention Center is expanding. Been in business since 1976. Doesn't really seem that old, but that's a total of 31 years.

tiara sightings:

about an hour ago (1ish pm - eastern time) saw a girl/young woman (guesstimate age: 17-24) wearing a "crown"... thought that sorta funny/strange till remembering that Charles, the prince of Wales, and his wife, Camilla, the duchess of Cornwall, are in town for the weekend.

More pub/lounge info:

just had a pint at Las Vegas Lounge. when entering, the barkeep was playing Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot". Not bad for an old man/mixed crowd type of place. Also their pints are larger than regular pints. They call 'em "royal pints" though I seriously doubt they accept Euro notes there. But why would they? American cash for tab/gratuity gladly accepted.

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