Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Monday, Jan. 29, 2007

lg coffee
sausage/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich
sm coffee
2 bottles of lager
single espresso
2 pints of lager
glass of fountain coke
2 mugs of lager
cup of veggie soup
2 sm cups of coffee
pack of cigarettes

oldie but goodie, click here

clandestine operations:

was told to go to this coffee shop but call first (had passed by the place before and probably purchased a cup or two previously) and tell them to save a copy of (deleted) magazine. If you just go in and ask for it (magazine), they will deny you.

anyway, happened to walk by, so went in and bought an espresso and asked for a business card. they didn't have any so I asked if they could write down the phone #. One employee didn't know it but the other did. Drank the coffee and asked for a copy of (deleted) mag. Cold shoulder. guess you really do need to call ahead and reserve.

impulse purchase (1/29): Fugazi - Furniture (ep) $3.99

also, thought it funny so started to tell record store owner about coffee shop/mag/phone reservation. Turns out the record store also carries the magazine.

addendum: ended up giving the magazine to the barkeep who added the Joos' song "Night People" to the jukebox at (bar name deleted).

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