Sunday, January 21, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007

sm coffee
med coffee
lg coffee
4 hot dogs on two hotdog buns
2 Hi-C tropical punch boxes (6.75 fl.oz. apiece)
1 turkey, swiss cheese, mayo sandwich
3 sm coffees
sm cup of green salad
2 Hi-C tropical punch boxes (6.75 fl.oz. apiece)
2 bologna/cheese sandwiches
6 cheese crackers with peanut butter
2 honey buns
pack of cigarettes

Lady Obsessions and Lady Insultations

The word on the street was that
this particular lady was insane.
I thought to myself that just because her
shoes didn't match, one being a high top,
and the other a low cut, didn't necessarily
make her insane. The car that she would one
day own would have two different license plates.
Still, that didn't make her insane.

My neighbors said she was trying to
visually capture
every possible angle, of every object
in the world.
I had seen her on the streets once
or twice. Maybe it was three times,
I had been waiting to approach her.
It was on the weekend that
I finally did. I figured she'd be in
a good mood on the weekend.

I told her she'd be dead by the time she
achieved her goal,
and if she did, by miraculously living
forever, I asked, what would the real
accomplishment be? She was silent
until she spit straight up, I stepped back.

I asked her what she defined as an object.
She said, "anything that stands as
it's own, like lithium carbonate."
I asked her if each picture in a family
photo album was an object.
She said, "an eye on a face, in a picture,
in a family photo album, is an object."

I was confused. I asked her how
it would be possible to live this way without
trespassing. She said that she was like air,
and was welcome anywhere.

In the beginning of our conversation I had
a little bit of sympathy for this lady. Any
sorrow for her dissapated. She had that
pompous glow and the curled up
in the corner of the couch while everyone
else in the room is focused on the weather
channel look on her face, bored.
Like her hobbies were the secret to an
everlasting life, like a spoiled house cat,
with a special never heard before animal name.

I rolled my eyes and mentioned to her that
while we'd been talking, she hadn't looked
at my shoes.
She replied that she had and that they
were ugly. She said that she needed me to
turn ninety degrees, and then turn a little
more, and walk away
for her to feel complete.

Nathaniel Brennan (2006)

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