Friday, January 19, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007

ham/cheese/mustard sandwich
turkey/cheese/mayo sandwich
bag of pork rinds
1/2 pint of lemonade
2 cups of coffee
4 bologna/cheese on hamburger bun sandwiches
1 bottle of water (16.9 fl.oz.)
12 "oreo" style cookies
tastykake lemon pie
two oranges
4 peanut butter crackers
sm coffee
fruit, yogurt & granola parfait
granola bar
very veggie sandwich (tm)
cherry fruit pie (snack size)
pack of cigarettes

lose wait-

weekend parking lot info for the Museum of Art*:

There are two parking lots. The larger of the two is located in a park near the main (southside) entrance. After parking your vehicle you then walk 235 paces (med. stride), cross 2 two-lane streets (39 paces), 84 paces to reach the steps (think Rocky, the movie), 104 paces upward (skipping every other step), cross a plaza/climb more steps (135 paces). You may now enter the museum. cost to park your car - $7

Northside parking lot near auxiliary/secondary entrance - from vehicle to Museum door... under 100 paces. cost to park your car - $5

questions addressed to Neal Pollack, author of Alternadad, during last night's reading/discussion at The Free Library (1/18)*

A.A.: At what age will you allow your son to pick the songs for the mix-tape to be played in the car? Also, when will you allow him to make a mix-tape for a girl? And will you help him?

N.P.: He's already picking the songs... and meeting girls.

note: Elijah is 4 yrs old

more Alternadad click here

*location - Philadelphia

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