Friday, April 20, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption and Miscellany

Thursday, April 19, 2007

sm coffee
toasted bagel with cream cheese
8-9 cups of coffee
serving of chicken/gravy on bowl of rice
bologna/mayo sandwich
2 sm cups of veg/beef/potato stew
1/2 pack of cigarettes

Yesterday, while getting a cup of coffee for myself, asked computer lab supervisor if he would also like a cup of coffee. He replied in the affirmative adding, "could you also empty my cup and clean it?" I said sure but while cleaning his coffee mug I had to laugh at myself. Remember cleaning a glass in college and then pouring myself some wine and drinking it. Tasted very funny plus there were bubbles. Perplexed, someone explained to me that after cleaning a glass with soap and water you had to "rinse" it. *Brilliant*

First time to clean a glass/dish... freshman college year. How strange is that?

More strangeness...

The day after our house burned down, a car dealer delivered a vehicle from out of town that my mother had been wanting. Car dealer said the vehicle was impressive. On the highway into town he had been able to reach a speed of about 100-110 m.p.h. and the drive was still smooth. Though the delivery/timing was very unfortunate, my father decided to let her keep the car. When she drove us around I enjoyed sitting in the back seat even if I was the only passenger. It was very roomy and spacious. The car though, I think, was supposed to have a "driver". Sorta funny that my mom enjoyed driving that beast. Btw, I really did have a "normal" middle-class upbringing.

pic of said vehicle:

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