Friday, May 25, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Thursday, May 24, 2007

6-7 cups of black coffee
1 cake donut
3 sm cups of water
med serving of stewed beef*
side of vegetable medley*
side of macaroni noodles (plain)*
lg mocha coffee (light/sweet) 16 fl.oz.
sm cup of cold tea
bowl of white rice topped with stewed chicken/gravy
slice of white bread
1 bologna/cheese/mustard on white bread sandwich
1/2 pack of cigarettes

*tv dinner/frozen food tray meal

currently owe coffee vendor $6.60 (6 lg coffees/1 sm coffee). will pay asap. If vendor doesn't front me any more coffees will pay him $8 (slightly more than 20% tip) paid this a.m., owed vendor for 7 lg coffees/2 sm coffees ($8.20 total - gave a 10 spot)

other news:

Fairmount Park Commission OKs lease for Barnes museum

City and Barnes agree on lease (Youth Study Center still an obstacle)

visually related:

Karen Kilimnik at the The Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia)

note: though visually related, the philosophies (underlying principles/aesthetics) are in opposition... am talking about a post-Barnes Foundation/Museum move.

valuable info resource: Artblog

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