Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

sm coffee (light/sweet)
lg coffee (light/sweet)
2 hotdogs (mustard/raw onion)
1 pretzel (mustard)
bottle of peach iced tea (16 fl. oz.)
sm amount of cherry "slushie"
stuffed pretzel (cheddar cheese)
2 pints of lager (*)
2 pints of lager (diff. location)
slice of cheese pizza
3 pints of lager (*) diff. location
slightly more than a pack of cigarettes

(*) additional pint of lager

Letter To The Editor:

Dear Sir,

The citizens of Philadelphia thank you in advance for voting to give our city $0.75 from every $0.99 deposited into the parking meters located in Philadelphia for the express purpose of keeping SEPTA service semi-affordable for customers, i.e., low fares with transfers included.


(name withheld)
Philadelphia, Pa

postscript: the aforementioned letter to the editor is a response to the following quote that appeared on the front page of yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer (7/31/07)

"We are not going to stand idly by and watch Harrisburg politicians pick the pockets of western Pennsylvanians to prop up Philadelphia's mass transit system." U.S. Rep. Phil English (R., Erie)

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