Monday, August 13, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Sunday, August 12, 2007

2 sm coffees (light/sweet)
4-5 biscuits
med amount of crab fries
2 bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz. each)
1 sliced hotdogs/cheese/mustard on white bread sandwich
sm cup of macaroni/cheese
box of fruit punch (6.75 fl. oz.)
1 plum
lg slice of fruit pound cake
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
1 pkg of grilled cheese flavored cracker sandwiches (6 per) total net wt. 1.38 oz.
1/4 pack of cigarettes

Saturday, August 11, 2007

lg coffee (light/sweet)
plain bagel with cream cheese
2 pkgs of Oat 'n' Honey granola energy bards (2 per) net wt. 1.5 oz. per pkg
1 bologna/cheese on white bread sandwich
1 orange
lg cup of fruit punch
1 bologna/mayo on white bread sandwich
bag of potato chips (net wt. 7/8 oz.)
1 apple/cinnamon cereal bar (net wt. 1.3 oz.)
1 glazed donut
2 oranges
can of lemon iced tea (12 fl. oz.)
2 nectarines
2 bags of potato chips (net wt. 7/8 oz. each)
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
med serving of bean/tomato/veg./pasta noodle salad
med-lg amount of chicken nuggets
2 biscuits
sm-med amount of crab fries
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
bottle of water (12 fl. oz.)
1/2 pack of cigarettes

note to self: currently owe coffee vendor $5 (2 lg coffees, 2 sm coffees, 2 pretzels, bagel with cream cheese) pay asap.

Desiring To Give All

Desiring to give all, to be all gift,
A living giver, then a giver dead,
He gave to friends the liveliness of his head,
Then stretching generosity with thrift,
Pondered if head itself, the clean bare skull,
Might not be saved and deeded to a friend
So that memorial and functional
Might thrive and blend
In an undying fate
As doorstep or as paper-weight.

Robert Francis

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