Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Food Stuff Consumption And Miscellany

Monday, September 24, 2005

3 sm coffees (light/sweet)
2 lg M&M biscotti bars
2 sm sweet sugar candies (chewy)
med pecan coffee (light/sweet)
sm amount of water
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
sm amount of chicken wings
4-5 celery sticks
can of pepsi (12 fl. oz.)
1 (Whopper Jr.) hamburger
1 Tastykake chocolate chip bar (net wt. 2 oz.)
bottle of water (16.9 fl. oz.)
1/2-3/4 pack of cigarettes


Another Article (Vested Interest)

Reformers' Roundtable: Inclusionary Zoning

Furniture Wish List:

(Name/Address Withheld)


*Double (Queen size?) Mattress/Boxspring/Frame
*2 sets of sheets plus pillow cases
*2 pillows
*small night table
*small table top (reading) lamp
*worktable or writing desk
*single wood chair with arms
*lg throw rug
*cd/radio boom box
*vacum (non-electric)

Room (open space) next to Kitchen:

*small (square/rectangular?) eating table for two (four?)
*2 wood chairs with arms


*2 small throw rugs (toilet/outside tub)
*2 large towels plus 2 wash cloths
*bathmat (rubber) for tub
*2 hand towels (next to sink)
*hamper for dirty clothes (where is laundromat?)
*toilet plunger plus scrub-brush
*bucket plus cleaning supplies
*mirror for sink area


*four plates
*four bowls
*knives/forks/spoons for six
*plastic container for drawer storage of utensils
*1 sm frying pan (non-stick)
*1 lg frying pan (non-stick)
*1 stew pot with lid
*sm-med rice cooker
*automatic coffee machine or percolator coffee machine for stove top (burner) use
*2-4 coffee mugs
*glasses for six
*2 spatulas (non-metal)
*lg wooden spoon
*microwave oven for counter top (necessity?)
*pkg of sponges (2)
*2 drying cloths (for dishes)
*metal or wooden rack (for drying dishes)
*broom & dust pan
*lg and med cutting knife (1 each)
*plastic cutting board

More Architecture (the Political Games Begin)

Mo'Money: Giving in to the CEO model

bonus round:

the Arts' impact on the Philadelphia region

postscipt of a personal nature:

Happy Belated Birthday to my Father (born Sept. 21, 1942)

Has it really been over 20 years since you passed away?

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